How the site works

There’s a lot going on in the site, so on this page, I’ll give you a quick overview of what you can expect.

Here, at Web Dev with Matt, I want to give you the best training that you can find on the web to improve your web development skills. Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner, or a more seasoned web developer, I'm confident that I have something to help you take your skills to the next, proverbial, level.

Learn By Watching 📺

If you're someone who loves to learn by watching, then check out my YouTube channel. There, you can find videos on so many things relating to web development.

Sure, it's currently in the early stages, but it's growing in to a channel where you can learn all about software design, continuous integration and deployment using Docker and containers, tooling such as PhpStorm and NGINX, and so much more.

I'm aiming to create lively, engaging, up-to-the-minute, and, of course, highly educational videos that are a breeze to consume — perhaps even binge!

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Learn By Reading 📰

If you prefer to learn by reading, then check out the tutorials. There are articles on all manner of web development topics, such as enabling and configuring Xdebug, rendering arbitrary script attributes in view templates, integrating CSRF tokens in Mezzio, and so much more.

I've been writing tutorials for over ten years now and they're they place where all of my training starts.

Each tutorial is in-depth, deeply researched, professionally reviewed and critiqued, with a range of images, code samples, diagrams, and everything else you need to take your learning to the next, proverbial, level.

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Get Premium Content

If you love the videos and the text tutorials, but want content that dives much deeper, is ad and distraction free, gives you loads of links to further information so that you can continue your journey, all in one place, then you'll love the books and courses that I've created.

They're the best work that I can produce — often months in the making — designed to focus right in on one specific topic. Regardless of whether they're a paid for or free item, each one gets my complete attention, above any beyond anything else you'll get from me.

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